The AlarmX Core wallet has been released and is available to download on github via

Commodity-Backed Blockchain Asset

Security Monitoring On The Blockchain

How To Purchase Alarmx Coin

We have a total of 9 million coins left that's it!! The only other way to get the AlarmX coin will be to download the AlarmX core wallet and mine it. Once you have accumulated 1,000 coins you can activate your masternode. You will need a VPS and we recommend purchasing one of our AlarmX Private Server Gateways. Masternodes perform specialized transactions like InstantSpend for Dash and PrivateSend for Darkcoin. You can earn money by charging a fee to perform these operations with your masternode.

The the AlarmX core wallet will be available to the public for download on September 1st. We will have AlarmX listed on Bitexbay exchange.

How To Purchase
Minimum purchase is $500 in ETH, BTC or USD using PayPal. AlarmX coins are $0.20 each and there is no cap on the amount of coins you can purchase at one time. Do not send ETH or BTC from an exchange. If you send ETH or BTC to the wrong address we have no way to help you recover your crypto. Please make sure to check before you send and check again.

Send PayPal payment to: Buy Now

Send ETH to: 0xb0773aF93C0a891d0F42fF9c990Cf64A8219F35C
Send BTC to: 1NPcMrqWdtUmZdwu9xcyXTkNGbiyZL3k5M

You can download the AlarmX paper wallet or AlarmX core wallet after September 1st. Once you login go to profile input your AlarmX paper wallet address and or AlarmX cor wallet address along with the ETH, BTC Transaction ID. We will send your AlarmX coins to your wallet of choice just check the circle to specify which one. AlarmX core wallets will be released to the public for download on September 1st on GitHub and your coins can be transferred to your wallet at that time. If you have any questions you can reach us at Thank you.


About Alarmx

AlarmX Corporation is a security alarm monitoring solutions company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The founders of AlarmX created the AlarmX coin because they saw the need to bring the entire security alarm industry forward using blockchain technology, making security monitoring decentralized, peer to peer and autonomous. This has applications in, but not limited to residential, commercial, military, foreign governments and other allied countries across the globe. Anyone, anywhere that is on our blockchain can be monitored and secured privately. Our user interface uses tensorflow as input to enter data into our machine learning module. This module gathers data from the nodes on the blockchain, it goes out to the cloud, AI then takes the data brought back and uses that to construct a custom algorithm that is stored in a data vault. These algorithms can be used to troubleshoot and explain problems to give solutions to users and security companies that are using the AlarmX blockchain.

Unique Innovation

AlarmX is a third-generation coin based on Dash technology that has been proven and trusted which is why AlarmX Corporation chose to fork from the Dash blockchain using the same algorithms but forming a different chain. The AlarmX coin will be used by customers to pay for their security monitoring service and purchase security equipment ie. sensors, cameras, and key fobs. The items ordered by the customer, based on the self-design of their security system will begin shipping out in the first quarter of 2019. Whether using a self-designed security system or a system designed by a security professional from an existing security alarm provider partner company , AlarmX will use software as a service (SaaS) to deliver a wireless security monitoring service platform that runs on blockchain technology. SaaS will integrate with the internet of things ( IOT) to bring people and devices together to input information through our user interface (UI). AlarmX will use Cloud AutoML translation and leverage Google’s proprietary technology, which offers fast performance and accurate predictions . Once the nodes are on the blockchain user input will be necessary to help AI create predictive algorithms.


The Problem

One of the biggest issues with the alarm industry as a whole today is that they are years behind the technology adoption curve and when you think about security monitoring it's even further behind. The AlarmX Corporation is bringing the entire security alarm monitoring industry up to speed, back to the cutting edge of software and modern technology in order propel it into the future by utilizing the AlarmX blockchain. We know this innovative technology will disrupt the alarm monitoring industry but not only that, we will be advancing modern civilization through worldwide awareness to any and all attempts to breach our network. Having a security monitoring service is like having insurance, most people who don’t have it will not know they need it until after a disaster strikes. AlarmX Corporation stands to be the bridge from yesterday straight to tomorrow through innovative technology and software in the blockchain technology revolution.

The Solution

The solution is decentralization though blockchain technology and soon every industry will have its own blockchain. This will allow participation from individuals all the way up through thirdparty installers like ADT. Everyone will be working together to help secure the network by providing stability and security by the users who have downloaded an AlarmX wallet and has uploaded their systems data on our blockchain into the cloud where AI will facilitate predictive behavior and create algorithms to help identify security issues and patterns that can be fixed or modified. Alarm companies will be able to operate autonomously while being part of a decentralized peer to peer industry governance system. The AlarmX blockchain will bring everyone up to speed and into the future economy where man and machine work together to improve conditions to secure the alarm network. We will offer a software as a service (SaaS) distribution model since it can seamlessly integrate with compatible third-party provider host applications and make them available to customers over the Internet.


How It Works

The AlarmX coin will be used by customers to pay for their security monitoring service, and purchase security equipment i.e. sensors, cameras, and key fobs. Through the internet of things (IOT) we can connect any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). The user interface (UI) connects directly to the customers AlarmX core wallet on the Blockchain network. If there is an attempted breach on the blockchain an alert will be sent to your phone based on the radius you programmed on your App.

One of the biggest issues with the alarm industry today is they are years behind the technology adoption curve and when you think about security monitoring it's even further behind. AlarmX Corporation is bringing the entire security alarm monitoring industry up to speed, and will afford other security third party installers and monitoring services the opportunity to white list our services as their own. We have partnered with an industry leader in the security monitoring service called Vyanet who has been around since 1969. Blockchain technology software will be offered as software as a service (SaaS) with machine learning, TensorFlow input and cloud Artificial Intelligence that will gather predictive behavior and solutions with algorithms. These algorithms will advance society and propel the entire security monitoring industry into the future by utilizing the AlarmX security monitoring service on the Blockchain.

Beta Testing

Beta testing is one of the most important parts in product development, and once it’s successfully completed, it ensures that the product provides an excellent user experience without fail or any glitches. Beta testers will come from a pool of established customers from Vyanet and investors who are currently mining and staking the AlarmX coin. Beta testers will be the first to use our product and security monitoring service for a stipulated period of time. Data will be collected and reports generated that will expose both strengths and weaknesses in our processes before the product and service is released to the general public. It is only through proper QA and testing strategy can a defect-free product and service be released.


Alarmx Automated Signaling Device on the Blockchain

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 AlarmX Corporation was formed as S Corporation under Hawaii state laws and is headed by three co-founders Marcus Lindley/CEO, La Tanya Davis/ Board of Directors and Andrea Chang/ Board of Directors. The AlarmX team is comprised of Blockchain engineers and developers with over 30 years of combined coding, programming, and business enterprise experience. The founders have a vast wealth of knowledge and experiences building successful companies from the ground up in the security, electrical and strategic business management industries. Seeing a growing need and demand for better and cheaper security alarm monitoring service, this team created a security coin Called AlarmX that has already begun to disrupt the industry with its announcement to enter the security industry to offer their revolutionary Blockchain security monitoring service and help the industry join the technological revolution across globe and into the future.

Co-Founder/ CEO

Marcus Lindley
Always with an appetite for researching and learning, in his personal life Marcus developed an interest in technology trends, economics and grew to learn about investments, stocks, futures, metals, commodities trading and eventually cryptocurrency. In the summer of 2017 after investing in several ICOs and reading dozens of white papers, Marcus figured out how to meld his daytime profession of information systems integration and maintenance in the Alarm Industry and his side interests in technology trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency. On August 5th of 2017, Marcus had an idea of a direct real world application to integrate blockchain technology with automation and monitoring systems to secure the path and integrity of the data and signals at the same time reducing operating costs dramatically through the shared infrastructure of blockchains- AlarmX was born.





Coin Specification


Owning an AlarmX masternode connects your computer to a specialized computer network on the AlarmX Blockchain that was forked from Dash. AlarmX has two types of networks nodes and masternodes. Nodes do the mining that creates new coins on the AlarmX network, and masternodes perform specialized transactions like InstantSpend and PrivateSend. Masternodes sustain and care for the AlarmX ecosystem , while nodes mine for coins. When miners mine for AlarmX they can convert these coins into USD, Bitcoin , Eth or other coins. Minimum AlarmX investment is 1000 AlarmX coins to get a masternode, the owner will leave the coins in the wallet to enable the masternode functionality. This means they cannot withdraw, convert or send it out of the wallet. Once the balance drops below 1000 AlarmX, the owner will lose their voting rights and are effectively blocked from the AlarmX masternode network.

Reward Breakdown

50:50 Masternodes reward 9 / Miners 9 in one month
60:40 Masternode reward 10.8 / Miners 7.2 in one month
70:30 Masternode reward 12.6 / Miners 5.4 in one month

Block rewards: 18 ALRMX

576 blocks per day
576 * 18 = 10368 coins per day
The block rewards decline by ~7.1% per year

From block 0 to 17280Masternode: 50%
Miners: 50%

From Block 17280 - 34560
Masternode: 60%
Miners: 40%

From 34560 and beyond
Masternode: 70%
Miners: 30%


AlarmX enthusiasts can immediately begin mining the AlarmX coin with a CPU or GPU. As investors begin to accumulate coins they can put them in the AlarmX core wallet and create masternodes that will produce residual income or sell them on the exchange . Miners are the worker bees to our network and you can make money by mining the AlarmX coin. It makes economic sense to do this. The best part of this masternode and mining hybrid network is people can come and go freely, so the success of the AlarmX network is not dependent on participation of certain individuals. This makes it a decentralized, fault-tolerant structure. People will be deciding by themselves to join AlarmX or leave voluntarily . It provides all levels of participation , from people that just want to use the service and not stake to people that will mine the coin and provide masternode services. Currently the only way to acquire the AlarmX coin will be from our internal exchange or on one of the external partner exchanges.


Android and IOS App

Alarmx investors will be able to download an app that has gamified the security monitoring service of the AlarmX coin. This app connects directly to the customers AlarmX core wallet on the blockchain network. If there is an incident on the blockchain with one of the nodes an alert will be sent to your phone based on the radius you programmed into the app. An arrow will locate on the map the exact location, country, state, city, time and date within two feet of where the incident occurred . You will have the chance to enter or start a chat that acts like a community neighborhood watch at the same time the police are notified. Customers can engage with each other on how the situation is being handle and help to make sure everyone is safe if real problem exists at all. Customers will receive credits that can accumulate for participation in the chatrooms. At the end of the month your credits can be converted into AlarmX coins or you can roll them over. Earning AlarmX coins this way help to feed the machine learning model helping to not only secure our networks but keep our family and friends safe. Remember AlarmX coins can be used to pay their security monitoring service bill, buy more products, and trade or stake to mint more tokens for a masternodes that will give you residual income each month.




Alarmx Private Sale!!

  • In Progress

Q3 2018

Alarmx core wallet to be released

Q3 2018

AlarmX and Vyanet Launch Partnership

Q4 2018


  • Alarmx will launch an agressive International Marketing Campaign

Q4 2018

External Exchange

  • AlarmX will enlist the coinist to expedite this process
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • AlarmX Chainexplorer to be released

Q4 2018

User Interface (UI)

  • First version to be released for customer security monitoring service
  • Software as a serve (SaaS)
  • Internet of things (IOT)

Q4 2018

Models Integrate

  • Machine Learning and Cloud AI integrate into the AlarmX user interface platform

Q1 2019

Beta Testing

  • AlarmX and Vyanet will beta test with Vyanet customers and AlarmX investors
  • Customers get in line to place early orders for AlarmX security System

Q1 2019

Early Orders for AlarmX security design products will be mailed out to customers

Q1 2019

AlarmX Gamifies the AlarmX App

  • Alarmx releases App for Android and IOS

Q2 2019

AlarmX Corporation Moves Headquarters Office To New Building In Honolulu, HI

Q3 2019

Alarmx paper wallet generator